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Objects Unencapsulated --> Klick zu Buchinfos   
Was es damit auf sich hat,
C++, Java oder Eiffel  zu benutzen

Objects Unencapsulated: Java, Eiffel, and C++??,1/e,
ein Buch über Objektorientierung von
Ian Joyner, Macquarie University,
Microsoft Research Institute, Australia

When your hammer is C++,
everything begins to look
like a thumb.                     
                    Steve Haflich

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"Eine Million Fliegen..."
Warum mit C++ nur schwer Qualitätssoftware zu erbringen ist
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Ein C++-Programmierer in einer Newsgroup-Diskussion:
"For me, Eiffel was kind of like a chastity belt. It definitely keeps you "pure" but you will probably
have less fun. It struck me, in fact, that a good many of [B. Meyer]'s comparisons between C++
and Eiffel boiled down to "C++ lets the programmer foul things up in any way he pleases, while
Eiffel insists on doing it right". This is, in fact, a long-standing philosophical difference between
the C camp and the Pascal camp. "